About Us

Zornitsa Company Ltd

The company was founded in 1998 in the town of Kran, at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain. The town is located four kilometers north of the town of Kazanlak. The idea of ​​creating the company was cultivated cultivation of essential oil crops in the rose valley. The company is the only successor of generations involved in the cultivation of oil-bearing roses and produced the famous Bulgarian rose oil. We have created mint, lemon balm, sage, salsa, lavender and roses. But, time coincided with a crisis in the market of these crops. The realization was almost impossible. We had to redirect the activity, keeping the main direction, keeping our knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years. We decided to produce products related to the traditions, culture and uniqueness of the climate we have here in the center of the Rose Valley. By nature, our business has come to, the production of packages for decorating and perfuming clothes with dry herbs and colors of rose and lavender, aromatic candles, bath salts.

With Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, we have expanded our nomenclature.

We started to produce various natural cosmetic and SPA products under the trademark "Rose Valley". Aromatic herbal pillows in various combinations of different essential oils and herbs. For a relaxed sleep, (Lavender, Thyme and Valeria). Rejuvenating to get out of melancholy and apathy with (Lemon, Mint, Rose and Lavender) with a pleasing cotton pillowcase. We have increased the range of aromatic candles. Besides the traditional rose candle, decorated with a pink rose oil, we have developed White Rose with rose and vanilla aroma, Lavender with lavender essential oil and candle Boron with pine essential oil. We learned the production of air fresheners and wardrobe with ethereal table.

Production base of the village of Sheinovo / KK: 6144 /, Kazanlak

We have expanded the range of bath salts. To the traditional oil-bearing rose, we also added White Rose, Lavender, Quince, Mint, Garden Tea. In different sizes and in different packages. We released a series of body oils with natural base oils and Organic Essential Oils. And also, a series of natural glycerin soaps.

We participate in various fairs and exhibitions, professional and polarizing our region and our culture, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

We have regular participations at the Green stand in Berlin, "Days of Bulgarian Culture" in Budapest, exhibitions in Romania, Turkey, Dubai, China and others.

In 2013, we expanded our production base. This allowed us to increase our product range and production capacity. We set new ideas in company policy.

We have developed a series of natural products based on Shea butter. Moisturizing Rose Rose + Hydration with rose water for people looking for fine and delicate scent, Lavender Series, relaxing and nourishing. Series of beeswax and Honey and for dry and exhausted skin.

Production base village of Enina / KK: 6142 /, "Onufry Hilendarski" 1, municipality of Kazanlak

We developed a natural cosmetic series based on rose essential oil, rose water and grape seed oil. New skin formula with silky tenderness. Natural cosmetic products with bleaching and lightening effect based on brown algae extract. All products rely on natural ingredients including pink essential oil, rose water, vegetable oils, vitamins, and extracts.

All our products can be found in our shop in the village of Enina. Also in our internet shop www.rosevalley-shop.com.

We actively participate in various local activities of the municipality of Kazanlak and the municipality of Karlovo. We include samples in the participation of the municipality in tourist fairs. We sponsor the issue of a tourist guide issued by the Kazanlak municipality. We take part in the selection and rewarding of Queen Rose. One of the most important and important events in the preparation of the most celebrated days, namely the Festival of the Rose!

We participate with a company stand during the Rose Festival in the town of Karlovo and the town of Kazanlak.

We remain open to the development of new ideas contributing to the good of the people. For the harmonious development of society. Supporting the conservation of nature and natural resources. To encourage young people to appreciate health and see beauty. For the development of the Rose Valley region. And behind all who want to bring the beauty and the scent of the Bulgarian Rose around the world!