It is a time of emotion, trembling and excitement, it is a time of celebration - the Rose Festival in the town of Kazanlak!

Over a hundred years, on the first Saturday and Sunday of June, the city of Kazanlak a basket of flowering. Since mid-May, the city is preparing for this day. Starts with the preparation of choice for Queen Rose.

Participation girls graduating from secondary school in the city. On the eve of the feast is made the selection of the best of the best. Queen Rose and two submarines are chosen. On Friday, on the eve of the celebration in the center of the city with lots of music and dancing, the crowning of the Queen rose with a festive greeting from the mayor of the city. The square is full of citizens and tourists coming from near and far to meet the new queen of beauty. The evening ends with a brilliant firework.

Everywhere smells of roses. Craftsmen from across the country have come to show their merchandise to small and large hand-made wooden souvenirs, knitted laces, forged knives and jewelery. And last but not least cosmetics with rose oil, cosmetics with rose water, aromatic candles, treats for small and large. The stay lasts till late in the evening.

So Sunday comes when it's the culmination of the feast!

About 9am in the morning, the traffic of cars and buses is stopped. Thousands of tourists walk to the rose gardens north of Kazanlak to the place of ritual Rosebot. There are strong music and folk folk choirs. Decorated carts and horses, folklore parties, small and big grandmothers and grandchildren, boys and girls, all of the local chitalishte preserving Bulgarian traditions and customs. Smoke is routed from an authentic roasting kettle full of pink color, and the first rose water flows through it in a thin stream.

Again a festive greeting was given by the Mayor of the city, prominent cultural figures and public figures. All of them are welcomed by Queen Rose, worn by young men, clothed in pink colors. She welcomes guests and takes the festive horo. Everything continues till noon, when the whole feast is brought back to the center of Kazanlak. This time follows a festive procession that passes along the Queen Rose and the stands full of guests and the city. Participation is made by majorette groups, various sports clubs, students, pink producers, dance groups.

The whole city is full of life! The procession ends with a festive horo in the center of the town, where, according to the old Bulgarian tradition, all the small and large are caught from near and far. Gradually, the celebration passes away to remain in the memories and hopes that next year we will see new smiles again, with new hopes for better, more successful and smiley days.

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