The Rose Festival, of Karlovo city

A small town nestled at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain. Shattered with scenic streets and tidy houses. Preserved traditions and memories of a pastoral past. The people from the town of Karlovo look forward to the most colorful, the smartest and the smartest holiday in the city, namely the celebration of the Rose. Every year at the end of May, according to an old tradition, on the last Saturday of the month, the most important celebration in the city is celebrated, "The Festival of the Rose"! Even with the opening of the first roses, the preparation for the selection of Queen Rose has begun. All girls who graduate high school can participate in the contest, but the crown will take the most beautiful among them! For girls this is a test of their temper, intelligence and, of course, a lot of luck! The girl who will grab the title "Queen Rose" will be the face of the city for one. Towards the end of the rosemary, which usually coincides with the end of May. Everyone is in a hurry, the hotels accept guests, traders come from all over the country, as well as musicians and dancers. On Saturday morning in the rose gardens near the town of Karlovo a ritual rose rose. Queen Rose makes a festive greeting to all participants and guests. Kuker's procession chases evil spirits, with a lot of music and folk dances the festival is open! All guests break off their festive cake, cut off their pink color and hang on to the center of the city where the celebration continues. In the center of the city, the Mayor as the owner welcomes the Queen Rose and the festive procession. He gives warm words to all guests, keepers, and participants about the time and effort they have made to continue the tradition left behind by their ancestors. The whole city is decorated with colorful stands offering hand-made wooden items and souvenirs, knitwear, lace, woven tablecloths, forged knives. And last but not least cosmetics with rose oil, cosmetics with rose water, aromatic candles, treats for small and large. With music and dancing, the celebration lasts until late in the day. Traditionally it ends with a sparkling fire! Everyone is wishing for one more successful and prosperous pink campaign.

Participation of Zornitsa Company EOOD at China International Import Expo (CIIE), 5-10 November 2018, in Shanghai.
Presentation of Zornitsa Company Ltd. at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) International Import Exhibition (CIIE), 5-10 November 2018, in Sha...
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