Ascophyllum nodosum, also known as Norwegian kelp, is a large brown algae of the Phaeophyceae class.

This is a common edible algae from the Atlantic, especially the Atlantic Ocean Northwest coasts of Europe (up to Portugal), East of Greenland and north-east coasts of North America. Ascophyllum is very popular among the scientific community. It is popular as the most active seaweed on the planet, and most researched by the academic community. Exposed daily to UV radiation, Ascophyllum nodosumhas developed a regulatory system for its protection against staining. Nature's and Algowhite's developmental research provides new directions for development.


Anti-dark stain, bleaching agent and a unifying complexion. Algowhite unites, illuminates and

removes dark spots restore skin fragility and color, hands, face and neckline are particularly vulnerable to the appearance of unpleasant dark spots caused by solar UV rays. Their number increases with time and re-exposure to the sun; they are often considered to be the first visible signs of aging and are accompanied by loss of brilliance and uniformity of the complexion.

Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for coloring the skin and hair. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays the exposure to melanocytes, which are found in the lower layers of epidermis, synthesize melanin before transferring it to the keratinocytes, where they accept their final coloring. Most melanin produces melanocytes, the darker the pigmentation of the skin. The appearance of dark spots is due to overexproduction of melanin from melanocytes.

Algowhite acts on the 4 keys steps of the skin pigmentation process, for a depigmentation and

lightening effect:

    Inhibition of skin pigmentation and of the onset of dark spots:

• Inhibition of melanin synthesis, via inhibition of endothelin and tyrosinase.

• Inhibition of the colouration of melanin, via an anti-free-radical action that inhibits oxidation reactions.

Lightening of the complexion and depigmentation of dark spots:

• Activation of the process of elimination of melanin, via stimulation of cellular renewal.

• Stimulation of the natural exfoliation of the skin to perfect theillumination and homogeneity of the complexion.


Melanocytes possess long cytoplasmic extensions known as dendrites that enable them to transfer melanin to the keratinocytes. Not only do they synthesis melanin for the keratinocytes, but this synthesis is itself directly controlled by the keratinocytes.

The key steps in the synthesis and transport of melanin:

1 • Under the effect of UV exposure, the keratinocytes secrete two messengers : endothelin and αMSH.

2 • Endothelin binds to receptors on the surface of melanocytes, thus triggering the synthesis of melanin.

3 • Melanin is synthesised in vesicles known as melanosomes, thanks to tyrosinase.

4 • The melanosomes migrate in the dendrites and transfer themelanin to the keratinocytes.

5 • Inside the keratinocytes, the melanin is oxidised and takes on its final pigmentation.

6 • The melanin migrates to the superficial layers of the skin via the differentiation of the keratinocytes.

7 • Keratinocytes loaded with melanin differentiate into corneocytes; they migrate to the stratum corneum where they give the skin its final pigmentation.

In-vitro test : Inhibitory effect of Algowhite on melanin synthesis

In-vitro test :

Inhibitory effect of Algowhite on the free radicals responsible for the colouration of melanin

After using 5% Algowhite twice daily for 28 days, we measured a mean increase in the ITA of 7%,

which reflects a decrease in the pigmentation of the skin. 90% of the volunteers considered that

their skin was whiter, and 70% found their skin to be clearer and more luminous.

New Clinical test :

De-pigmentory effect of 5% Algowhite G (or 2.5% Algowhite) on dark spots on the skin

Algowhite decreases melanin synthesis, inhibits its pigmentation, accelerates the

elimination of pigments that have already been synthesised, and exfoliates the skin for

a unifying and smoothing effect.

The dark spots fade, the skin is more luminous and the complexion brightens.

The data in the article are provided by the company that developed the active ingredient Algowhite!

Participation of Zornitsa Company EOOD at China International Import Expo (CIIE), 5-10 November 2018, in Shanghai.
Presentation of Zornitsa Company Ltd. at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) International Import Exhibition (CIIE), 5-10 November 2018, in Sha...
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